Key of low D (ré) Spruce & Rosewood Native American Indian Flute By dg Hatch #503

Item Description

This flute is SOLD but we have a similar D in our inventory and haven't had time to include an individual picture here but you can see it on the first item in the store, the picture of the group of flutes, it's the first flute on the left

Please ontact me if you want more details about this flute or other Low D we might have.... Thank You,   dg

Key of  D, based on pentatonic minor scale                         Model: 5th generation - Woodland 

Type of wood:  Flute Body: Spruce      Sound Board:  Rosewood      End Caps: aromatic Eastern Cedar

Flute Block:  Adobe Style, Mahogany with Vintage Sterling Silver button in great condition

Finish: Smooth, deep and clear

Bore Size: 1 - 1/8"       Overall Length:  27 - 3/4"      

Tonal Qualities:  Warm, bright, clear, loud, beautifully haunting sound, very easy to play especially for a large flute

Serial no:  503-D

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